19 June 2009

green faith...long time gone

The summer is here, and Arizona is a blessing with its 35 to 40 degrees! yes indeed.

The semester is over. Way over....but the proposal got me in painful days. I'm crossing my fingers so I can have positive answers in Bolivia and when I'm there (YEYYY) next July, I can really bring back material to work on. I had one of the most amazing classes where I've learned a lot of things I barely had any idea: Political Ecology or how the humans ruined this world with their thirst of power and their capitalist model of "development". I've read things that are like a truth to me, but also got deceived by others.

As my last post reflects it...I've lost my green faith. I remember when I used to read the RIO 92 documents back then when I was just 13 or 14. Thinking that indeed this "sustainable development" it was an answer to preserve the environment. How naive was I. Any way, I just hope that it would be possible to execute my project back in the place that gave me the chance to see and live the un-equity of this society.

Days ago I visited Los Angeles. Kinda in a rush, but enough time to do what I had plan. The city itself is TIRING! too big, with the same amount of people that you would find in Bolivia. I went eager to Hollywood Boulevard, to see the stars. How dead the Blvd. looks! and except for the block where the Kodak theather is, the rest is full of tattoo shops, sex shops and other oddities. How fake. And how much do people here dream of their stars...the glamour. The glamour belongs only to the movies, outside you'll find the bum asking you a dollar for his booze. Some miles to the west and you can forget about the gray area you just left. Beberly Hills, Sunset Blvd, Melrose....Santa Monica....shopping streets, where the rich people buy their branded cloths, shoes, bags, etc. I'll never understand what is so great about wearing a brand...do you get paid to wear it?? nonsense!.

Not all the visit was so twisted. I had a great time at the LACMA and the Getty Center. I found nice paintings that I had no clue they would be here. The best was to have free entrance (LACMA after 5pm, Getty all day long). With the money saved I was able to get 2 art books. YES, I will eventually go back to study it. The Getty has an incredible architecture, nice gardens to walk around and the view is amazing. I also took a walk in Venice beach...this one did seemed just like in the TV (remember Baywatch?).

I did this visit just with public transportation. It tooke some time but it was possible. Besides, here in US, nothing better to get to know the real proletarian than using the public transport system. Los Angeles is like being in Monterrey, Mexico. Some parts are just MExico. Ironically, the decendants or the imigrants dream that they an re-build Mexico here, they feel their country more than when they used to live there, they carry proudly the flag and speak spanish with no fear. Will the ever return to Mexico? I doubt it, no one is more used to this consumerist way of life than a mexican imigrant or a decendant.

LA has a remark. It was the first city in America (read: South, Central and North America), where I really and actually felt fear. Walking around, alone...those "mexicans" or latinos tended to believe I was lost and needed their "help". Being ugly, they will just approach and try to hit on you, thinking they own the right to tame you. Here you don't suspet, you have the certainty they may carry guns or may be just a member of a gun. So ladies...be aware.

For now, I'm sharing my Ojitos and hope I could go tubbing again before I leave to Bolivia. Oh yes...tubbing is a summer must here in the valley! 4 hours down the river, enjoying the sun, tanning and floating in cool water.