30 October 2009

loneliness disease

"How can you always here about gunshots, and killing in US colleges and schools?". Pri asked. Automatically I answered: Just mix loneliness and guns and you have the perfect combination. Yes, we do make some silly jokes about it, but what can really drive you to shot a bullet in front of one of your professors at graduate level?. You are certainly not enjoying life and for sure not your graduate program. I've have had a hard time getting my data so I can't start my analysis. One thing leads to another, and here I am, enjoying my "free" time. That is just a matter of saying. Next semester I predict: long, sleepless, tiring, confusing, and time demanding analysis days. So for now, I've recovered my social life BIG TIME. That has brought it's positive and it's negative side.
On the POSITIVE side we have: new friends from India (how similar we are in terms of being REAL), more time with God during the week, some new friends not from India, 2 more lessons learned about what is love in times of Friendship status, trying new flavors and places where to eat, investing my money on short trips and good food and less in girly shopping.

On the NEGATIVE side: hitting the wall with the unpleasant truth...there is flaky, boring, complicated people. But that is something I just have to learn to deal with...Patient and Tolerance are the 2 big key words.

A SURPRISE? even that I got! I've realized now, how easy is to deal with people, when you put good energy and treat them the way you want to be treated. Semester is about to end, have plenty to wrap up, learn, grow and keep on walking. LIFE is complicated...BRING IT ON!