12 October 2009

Up and down, and why words DO matter

Never commit to something you MAY do or not, don't commit at all if you are not certain. Never ignore people, as if they would guess your thoughts.

I'm not having the chance to start the data analysis for my project. Therefore, I find myself with some extra (delicious) time. This past weekend, we had planned with other persons to go camping 2 nights. After some "culebrones", 2 of them backed out. I'm still wondering, how can you love yourself so little, to not care for your health and keep on your old (die hard) habits, driving yourself to....sickness.

Aside from this incident, the plan kept on with just 2 "inexpert" campers. I've gone here and there to camp, but never set one by myself. The experience was most rewarding. Neo, a hindu friend, was not going to give up to the idea of camping. So we took the risk.

First stop: Fossil Springs. This is a magic place, hidden in the mountains. Takes 4 miles to go down, but feels like 8 to go up. I still regret that I didn't take my swimsuit. The place has this incredible pools, calling you to dive in them. It is been considered now, to complete the experience by going to camp there.

Second stop: Woods Canyon Lake. This "lake", used to be a river (once upon a time). Around the area, there are many campgrounds. We stayed at Crook. The offer a place to put your tent, RV, or similar, make a fire and park your car right next to you. This has its advantages and its ironies. However, WE MADE IT! and probably we were lucky that our sleeping bags were warm enough for the cold night. I surprised myself, being able to do many things in this non-comfortable conditions. I'm just so thankful to the Calcutta nuns! how much have I learned at their kitchen.

My camp partner, made things easier. A quiet, relaxed and patient friend, that hardly ever complain. Only when he needed to stop in our hikes... my wanaco spirit was able to walk with no problems, up and down.

These last days, set me up in the mood for more! more hills to discover, more nature to see around. But first, statistics! oh my dear topic! ....and yes, try to figure out why Sick-boy didn't have blood enough to tell me he was not coming to the trip.