04 January 2010

in Guadalajara...Taco diet!

It's been a while! After 7 years of living in Guadalajara, finally I returned. The city keeps growing, and still feels a bit threaten in terms of how to move yourself around with no car. Some improvements, and some more conflicts due to heavy traffic and more people in town.

Despite all, I was lucky! it is vacation time so the city was in general empty. I was lucky to be hosted by a semi school friend. Semi, because she never finished Biology with us, but we were lucky to keep her friendship.

During my first day, I was around downtown, wasting my eyes, money and time in the silver jewelry center, and later just walking around until my feet found the way to Shoes Gallery!

These days my diet has gone from typical Christmas one, to TACO!! I can't believe how good tacos taste in their land. I've had them so far all over, San Juan de Dios, random streets, midnight tacos...etc. And they all taste wonderful. Forget about the tedious taco you get in any gringo bar all around US, and not to mention the crime to eat one of those taco bell or similar. THIS is the real taste, a good corn tortilla FRESH DONE, good meat, good salsas and different veggies like the nopalitos...add some lemon, salt and there you go! If you ever come to Mexico, stick to street tacos, always better, juicy, tasty and cheaper. The picture, is just so you can drool! (the typical Mexican combination (taco and Coke)