08 January 2010

Celebrating life!!

It is 8am somewhere in Tlajomulco, Jalisco. Pablo and Jorge are awake, playing, chatting and eager to get down from their beds. I try to entertain them with little tricks and games. This won't work, they already know it is time to get out from their room.

As soon as they reach the main floor and have their house shoes, they start running. Pablo teaches me how wonderful is to be alive, awake, have two legs and be able to run up and down. Jorge is a bit lazy, but still, laughs and smiles after he has run across the hall 2 times.

How wonderful!! how contagious! these little twins, have made my day!!

I'll have to keep in my memory this moment. When ever I wake up and start complaining about my nonsense problems...I'll play back this scene and forget my ridiculous drama and do like Jorge and Pablo....smile, run and scream that I'm alive!!