05 January 2010

NEw YeaR tasks - Earth, Fire, Water and AIR

Every Dic. 31st we see that is about to end in perspective (or at least we try to!). So I did, I started thinking about what is gone, what was new, what was lost and what was found! what is not needed, what is indispensable and most of all, how I want this 2010 to be. Being in San Francisco - Nayarit, Mexico, I had a great chance to do some thinking while being very close to these 4 elements, basic and essential to life.

First of all...Thesis. I'll put all my saints up side down, so all the data sets that I need can be sent. Hopefully, I won't have to write about Bolivian bureaucracy in coming months. A Statistics saga will be on, this time facing the wonders of multiple regression...or multivariate analysis.

d: Some trips, when ever possible, this one depends entirely from the first one. Some options include road trip to the north east coast (from LA to Seattle) or down to Baja California...or Yellowstone (mmmmm). Mexico is tempting me again, this time the south...Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Third: re-think the volunteer work / missionary work. After my green crisis, I'm considering it might not even be worthy to keep working in this fake, corrupted world. The poor and forgotten...that's an option for me. What ever else this year might bring up, well I'll certainly enjoy it!. Years go by, and it is worst to just sit and wait. Better jump and embrace life, feel it, suffer it and enjoy it!