11 April 2010

The Human Experience, have we forgot all about it?

Lent has gone through. I'm living the Eastern with full joy. 40 days were given to me by life, to set my path again in HIS way. Days where I was able to delight myself in understanding WHY there are some things than have to be done the way He wants it. Days where I found a deep reconciliation, where I saw finally LIGHT.

I'm born again, weak as any new born child, but nurtured in His love. The perfect Love, the Merciful, the Strength. I've found my new addiction: LIFE. No matter how many sad days there can be, how many falls or disappointing actions/reactions I'll face. I'll stand up, I'm not alone anymore.

For the past 40 days, I've started digging into new corners. I'm facing all these crazy arguments, debunking theories for so many things, intrigues...lies. When did we humans forgot the magic of life. We've forgot to respect it. A thirst to accumulate, to dominate, to humiliate, to hide, to cast away all, in the name of selfishness.

In the middle of all this evil vortex, I watched today a small source of hope: The Human Experience. A refreshing experience. It is in the laugh, in the hand of the other, in putting my life to work for the benefit of others, that my life finds sense.

My heart longs for those days, where none of this matter. Where all it matter, was to have the food for those 80 handicapped, ill and sick, ready in time.

Yet, I'm here...in the middle of a process. Being back in academia life is wonderful, but the more I learn, the more I lose my faith in the green movement, in sustainability, and all those constructs we live building up day by day.

I'm giving myself one more year... then I only wish to be ready to spread my wings again, but this time I have a direction... and a GUIDE.

Christ is risen!! and for now, that is all that matter.