30 April 2010

Green lies, LIES!

Last month, I've decided to take the red pill and saw so much deception, betrayal, lies, scandal, complot, conspiracy, selfishness, and so many sad things more. Mass media has turned into the perfect spot to spread LIES, manipulate stories and hide others.

I wonder how come the Climate-Gate never came more exposed while the COP 15 for Kyoto was about to take place. Oh ...because there is the "need" to tax carbon emission as soon as possible TO ALL THE WORLD!. LIES. Yet people is tricked to switch off their light for 1 hour... GET ready, for there can be the day when you will have higher taxes to pay for each kilowatt, for each mile/km you drive, or even for just breathing (yes, you produce much CO2 just by breathing). Keep the money flowing into their pockets!!! The privileged "owners" of the world.

Once I thought the environmental movement was real, had a real interest and real goals. 20 years later, I've come to lose my faith in this movement. No more Rio 92, International Conventions or treaties lies for me, thank you! I've seen how all those lies, were good to keep big business flowing, promote the GREEN movement!! (Green is the new black, declared a stupid fashion magazine). Nothing more romantic and biased!

Science can be so easily manipulated when there is no ethics or any respect for life. Stop swallowing like a new born, read, inform yourself, take your own decisions and make your own conclussions. Education system has trained us, to behave like good sheep and never question what is behind the facts.