20 December 2013

Abnormal fantasy character fixation

Why on earth Peter Jackson had to come up with that idea of making a handsome dwarf????

That on a side, I had to watch Desolation of Smaug for that very same reason. And that is not fair. When I sat down to watch The Hobbit last year I had no clue what was going to be. I thought that PJ would do a good job in a single movie. 

All of a sudden Bilbo goes and opens the door and BOOM you got Fili and KILI!!! I remember that Legolas made a good impression, but this was totally unexpected and STRONG!

Needless to say I went to google who was the actor behind Kili. Aidan Turner seems to be a nice person and I haven't seen more from him (few episodes of Being Human and The Mortal Instruments).

Yet, the way he acts Kili is impressive. At least a part of my mind is impressed. This time, unlike the first part of The Hobbit, I saw, read, and laughed with a lot of spoilers. In short, after watching DoS, I confirmed that I already knew what would happen with Kili and his invented love affair. I have to confess, that despite I accept that this character + Aidan Turner is fixed in my head, I was not surprised to see that there are other humans with a HUGE obsession with Kili or Kiliel. So in a part I'm relieved that my fixation is not that toxic.

The movie itself was not very impressive, as it seems I saw one chapter of the book, while you could have put the rest of chapters in a second part.

The whole invention by PJ and this "love triangle", makes me want to read The Hobbit all over again and be at ease with the real thing. Who knows, I might start new year reading other Tolkien and middle earth books just to wash off the new dimension that PJ is creating. At least, I hope that he respects the fact that Kili and Fili die protecting his uncle. HOPE!