09 December 2013

Things I dislike about living in La Paz city

Regardless that  I was born here, the fact is that some activities that repeat year after year and others are new, they all bug me and make this city less pleasant. 

1) People with pets that thinks the street and the sidewalk are their pet's restroom and can leave all their crap there. No wonder why there are so many respiratory infections in this city.

2) People who throws their garbage outside the bus or while walking in the street. Is it really so hard to keep it in a pocket and later discard it in a proper trash bin? Oh the offense they take when you remark how dirty they are!

3) Any spontaneous "social" protest. It is by now boring and it does take a lot of time if you need to cross the center of the city.

4) All the holes that you can fall down and even lose your life. No construction or road work, uses proper signs or a way to let you know there is a hole ahead.

5) Stack up in the bus! More so in the small ones where you will hear the classic "Paradito" or "espaldera". Meanwhile, our society never learns to respect that each vehicle has a certain capacity.