05 March 2007

απολαύστε το γεύμα σας

Ok, Bifteki did look bigger... and was tastier! Stefan took Epidauros and Andre...what was it? What ever, all those things had lots of meat. After half dish was empty, I couldn't eat more. But as usual, there is always a place for ICE CREAM :)

The place was called Poseidon. I was so tired and find out that too much english and spanish in just 2 weeks has destroyed my german. Good thing is I still can understand when I do pay attention. Other ways it's just like Charlie Brown's teacher speaking Klingon.

Other weekend specialities included: Rosted almonds with sugar (warm under the rain taste better), quinua with extra frozen & fried chicken, late breakfasts with great company and a variety of -OL drinks as well as some "natural" juices.

How ever, I'm still drooling to taste FRICASE or a Thimpu....NOOOO que antojo!.