07 March 2007

hiding the obvious...

why is it, that some times we feel ashame or uncertain of things that are TOTALLY REAL? We tried to hide a sweet kiss, we try to hide a look, run away from a hug...or else. Is it that we worry about what others will say about it? Why can't it just be easy as facing the facts...taking some risk and LIVE?

Today, not even 3 cups of coffee managed to keep away those day dreams I'm having lately. And while there are some of us trying to figure if we will be alone our whole lifes...there are others like Rosio or Stefi, that are about to be mothers, and discover that life as a mother...means never to rest again 'cos you will care constantly for that kid. I feel like taking care of someone too...not a baby of course...but this f#$@ nomade life is driving me crazy.

While Murph wonders if he will find someone in Dublin...I wonder...will I ever stop in the right place to enjoy the right one?