11 March 2007

One wild night!

Another dream achieved!

PRAGUE ist schon vorbei!!

And if u haven't been there, here are some tips: Book your hostel in advance, this city has high demand. When u arrive don't change all your money, out side can be better. A 24 hour ticket for local transportation costs 80 Kr, around 3 Euros. For me, one night and 2 days was more than enough. If you are planning to visit the castle and something else it's enough time. We even had time to do our BEER tour! in the picture with our Ivan guide, who turned out to be a comedy expert.

This tour was about 18 euro, but it was nice to do it. 5 different places where this guy tells u all about beers, not only Check beers. U get to try 3 and a meal (gulash) in the price, the next ones are up to you.

Another tour is also usless...u have tons of guides and maps. Something really nice was the Petrin tower. Souveniers are all over...and who ever told me this city was not expensive...was nuts. Specially if u are in prague 1, watch out for the tip that will be named something else in the bill.

In the end, I'm getting used to see trees in the cities, and this one lacks of it at downtown. The last hours I got somehow bored...or was it only that I started to dream about a far far away blue/gray eyes?