10 April 2007

Dublin and Murph, the perfect couple

My expectations were low…Dublin was GREAT!! And despite Murph got sick (he claims he never gets sick), it turned out to be awesome. I even feel like I left “home” L. There is something about this city that made me remember about mine…It’s Europe, but there are so many things not so European that makes it really special. And to get to see those lakes, those landscapes with mosses…was breath taking. I really would like to come back with more time…visit Belfast, get to the coast in the south…and drink more Guiness.

Murph turned out to be just exactly as he has during all this time we have mailed and chatted... a bit weird, funny, totally spontaneous, dementido…and some more descriptions. I’m already missing him and his kuku wako things.

Now I’m back for some days…and honestly I don’t feel comfortable. Wish my stay in Dublin could have been longer. But I have to learn to be happy with what I’ve got.