20 April 2007

Let it Rock!

Summer is around the corner... and I'm tempted by so many opportunities: TORI AMOS IS GOING TO BE IN BERLIN the 17th of June!!! This time I really can't say no...I've got to see this incredible woman LIVE!. The funny thing is that a week before Aerosmith is around the corner too. Difficult is to decide to go or not to go to Rock im Park the 1st of June...My Chemical Romance, 30 seconds to Mars, Evanescence, Dave Mathews Band, Muse, Smashing Pumpkings...so many just in once. I'll have to adquire some debts if I want to go to all these concerts. And not only these ones..but in September finally I could see The Rolling Stones...that would be AWSOME!!!

So from 29th April the race to save money from the scholarship begings....I guess the 2nd tour to Dublin will have to wait a while. So this weekend we'll start to save by eating only air and some bees :). The week ends with a good time in class and a big smile. Indeed Murph a smile is already a big change. Small steps for this baby...one day we will learn to walk. Chaucito!