17 April 2007

People change, seasons change

Dear Freddy....
You know people change, feelings change...we can't expect the other one will love us as we expected, even if the this other person has thought we were great or incredible persons. Seasons change, and so do feelings. Now u see we are almost in the same point... and I could easy let my self drown in madness with our favorite question...WHY???. This question u know, it will never have an answer now and here. I pray for u my friend, so you can discover God's peace and love, the way He is taking care of my soul and sorrows...I don't regret to have tried and given my best, but as I understand now, that was only my wish not the wish HE has for me. It's hard I know...try to love while there is pain still in our hearts...or wounds like in yours...but remember how many wounds and suffer had Christ in the Cross. And at no moment has He complain about them. Today I'm learning to suffer for love, even if is just a 0.00000040034540 part of what He had suffer for you and me. I was lost, but He found me...what joy more could I pretend from this life, for now I'm safe. My soul is safe, my heart is safe in His arms. Good day my friend and may God bless your day.