30 May 2007

1 Month

So it is gone...my first month in Eberswalde. I've learned something about GIS programs, changed plans about the working plan here, meet incredible nice people, enjoyed every walk in the woods (even that one when I got completly lost), got to pay for internet quite high, and have gone to boredom with those 3 stores and 2 cafes (only one stays open till 22).

Have gone crazy not knowing how to ride a bike, since this city is larger than bigger. Bus conections of course stinks and my only luck is to have Berlin 30 minutes by train.

I've been visited twice by Hun-y and I-m hopping my mom would also make it here. Other than that...I think no one else would dare visit me in this charming place. Murph has evaporated (I guess he knows something I haven't said yet) and dear Freddy has to deal again with old memories. My OET2003 friends have waken up, and I'm happy to read news from all of them.

Time for a shower and bed. Good night all u aliens!