04 June 2007

Times goes by...

The weekend went good in the middle of Thuringen with a seminar about ecoturism in this national park Hainich. IT was my second time here and I still think there is no point on trying to bring so much tourist to the area that you are supposed to take good care. Anyway, we had good meals, got times to talk with Sara, got to meet Maia and Liberty and spend time with Norbu.

It´s almost a month since we found us eachother again, and this weekend was full of new moments including my overreaction over a missunderstanding. Yes, u´ll have to be patience for a while more untill we get to know how we react to certain moments. However I´m completly thrilled with the new step u gave with me. Thanks

The good part was the trip through Werra (a bit stinky though). But all of these high emotions left me today KAPUTT! I´d love to just stay in bed, reading Oswar Wilde and with a hot cup of chocolate or tee.