29 May 2007

How wrong we are?

Fifa is totally wrong....it is totally possible to play at more than 2.500 m.a.s.l. So I really don't get the idea to ban our stadium....chickens!

Apolo ppl in my country are TOTALLy WRONG!, they think that cutting down and ending all the resources that are in Madidi will change their lifes into rich and better lifes? PLEASE! just give a look to this pseudo 1st world countries. They live from the money they have done with our mineral resources and from the lies they sell day by day, while they cry for all forest, animals they lost.

Chikito bonito, you are wrong to. Not only women "don't know what they want". U as well do the same...if not, what where all those -casual- times? so don't try to fool me. I may have some things not very clear, but about us I have that much clear.

and respect the holyday, I was again south south... 1 more dream has been done real. I finally got to Neuschweinstein and not only that but I got to walk for more than 2 hours with Norbu with out expecting it. Turned out to be AWESOME! But back to facts...tomorrow I have to read a lot about natural areas and arcView.... Well, guess life is something more than just GREAT moments eh? :)