03 May 2007

One more day

Finally, seems that tomorrow I´ll start with GIS course. It´s going to be intense. The internet connection at my room will take some more days it seems. My roomates are at least 8 years younger than me, so they are quite involved in "their" worlds. We´ll see if there is an ice breaker. So far, they been nice with me.

I´m a bit surprised, with all the information that´s flowing dealing with this genetic resources topic. I really have to think carefully what would be a good project and how could I use well my time here. SHAME! my MfG to Dresden has canceled. So now, plan B is on it´s way.

On the funny side of the day, dunno why I had a chat with my boss...and I ended shooting new ideas for new virtual courses...THE NERVE!

Well, time to dinner...with this new feed scheme I´m going to colapse. So dinner has to be the main thing...too bad i´m already tired :P.