22 May 2007

Big Steps!

Yesterday I had the most impresive night in a long long time...The moon is not yet full but it´s incredible and there by my side was Norbou, trying to understand this fascination I have for the moon. I´m quite glad life gave that step and suddenly everything changed from direction.

I´ve many times asked my self how should I react or act with a bf....not anymore, and that is really something that gives me so much peace. A week is gone...and many more will hopefully come. The hardest part will be to split for a time...but then it is also about time for me to really think about some proposals...some big radical changes I might take in my life.

Norbou sometimes you think I´m negative, sometimes I think I´m just realistic...maybe a mix of these 2 points of view will result in something more productive for both. For now, I´m just sure now that Leipzig was the best that could ever happened to us.

Past days I went from north to really south...finally visited Konstanz and finally got some color under the sun. Such a SPRING!! unforgetable :)