15 May 2007

Has it arrived?

The rain came to never leave again...or so it seems. And while it rains tonight, I got to sleep with a little cold and a mix of strange happyness. Had a wonderfull weekend...even got to get a ride in this funny "couche", aside from eating enough for what's left of the week *and it's only MONDAY*.

Im mot sure what happened this weekend about a punktual topic. Guess I'll have to wait a couple of days to discover if it was all sort of a joke...or not. Anyhow, I guess these past 6 months of learning by pain and mistakes, helped me. So now I'm calm down, only a bit sad that all the good things in life always come to an end. So drugos...i'll go to sleep. I need to recover myself and tomorrow I've got to run with those lections. I'll go again to this Horizonte club, maybe I'll find a peruvian lady and try to find ways to entertain myself when I'm alone again. BTW...with Gi we booked already a perfect scape. Nice nice. I've got to go dream about classes, raster data and infrared channels. Nite.