10 May 2007

My sabbatic year!

So stylish eh? jajjaja I've just realized I wrote someone saying such a pedant thing...but actually now I realice IT SOUNDS GREAT!. Not only I'm getting excellent proposals to start a project, but I'm also starting to discover something special with someone. Here leute!! a pic of my long city.

The only painful part...it's killing me to walk from one campus to the other one. At nights, after hours in front of the arcGis screen, I get home ready for a massage. Well now it's around 1, I'm supposed to be sleeping. Tomorrow will be painful again, but maybe I should reconsider going to Stadcampus in the morning. I've finished lection number 9. So I guess I can start with 10, 11 and 12 fresh in the afternoon...or friday.

FRIDAY!!! Norbou...have you realized that from this friday until the end of May, we'll have good time to share? I'm quite glad u look the chances as well. Nite nite!