07 May 2007

new member aboard!

Last 3th of may my older brother got married in a hurry somewhere in Dinmark. I knew the day was coming and it´s a bit sad that they were there alone. Any way it´s done and my only wish is that both could discover every day the great gift they both have in their hands. I´m single for a long time now... but somehow know that being married takes a lot of patience and sacrifice. So may be with my brother and Veronica. Cheers u both!

A gray day here in Eberswalde. I´m only praying it could actually rain. Today I woke up like BLA! in fact I should have been here at 8...well I keept on sleeping ´til 8. I was a bit sad/moody don´t know exactly why. I´m not alone to fight these days. Yesterday I went to mass and saturday I found the Missioners of Charity house in Berlin. Both things cheer me up. Now it´s time to start thinking about that extent of visa. And it´s time too to do my practices on arcGis...so for now I wish u all (despite the gray sky) a wonderfull day.