11 June 2007

Do u want to be with me?

Hay tanto que quiero contarte, hay tanto que quiero saber de ti....Yo tambien tengo secretos para darte, y que sepas no me sirven mas....Hay tantos caminos para andar....Dime si quisieras andar conmigo, cuentame si tu quisieras andar conmigo. Ohhh. Estoy ansiosa por soltarlo todo, desde el principio hasta el dia de hoy!!! (Julieta Venegas)

Finally, after so much time trying it, we made it...!! a whole in-productive day!!! :) Last sunday after 7 months of being always up and down I slept like 10 hours or more. I'm starting to belive that Norbu has a sleepy effect :P.

Friday we had this BBQ with bolivians and those who addopted Bolivia as a 2nd or 3rd country. It's amazing that in my little city Eberswalde there are so many people related to Bolivia. Saturday we visited Kloster Chorin for a concert of some of Mozart's compositions. This Monastery was build around 1258 (the construction began). The sound is great, next time if I have a chance I know I don't have to pay the entrance ticket to hear the concert.

Yesterday I've tried with some help my first bike lesson. It's gonna take a while before I totally get rid of my fear to trust in 2 wheels. Sunny and very warm weekend...Good it's already night and fresh.

The question of this day....has been answered a while ago, but just heard again that good song. Alas, bis morgen!!