13 June 2007

Gray hours...1 month is gone

It´s one of those tasteless gray days... I don´t know why a gray day in this city turns me down completly or at least in a big part.

I have slept only 6 hours. Yesterday had another round of chat with Veronica, the other bolivian girl who just arrived. Sometimes it is so good to hear and exchange some opinions with a thinking person. Even more when I´m aware sometimes that after June, I´ll spend more time here...and if it´s not work, my lazy hours will be spent thinking nonsense things about life and future.

Today I was searching for a MAJOR, MAJESTIC approval of a step we decided to take 30 days ago with Norbu. Of course I´m tired of asking this BIG approval signs, but I needed to take it all outside. Good thing HE is capable to accept my crazy moments. I´m expecting to discover more 30 days x n^n... and I hope they will be always opportunities to learn, grow up and build something solid.

I´m looking forward to start my work, but I need schedule...with out it, I´m afraid I could loose easy my hours trying to define if the orange is orange ´cos the color or ´cos the idea itself. Hope that before July I will have my days marked, so I can really plan to visit Dave and my sweet Valentine. Other than that...I´m just hoping that some day Murph will understand and accept. Adeu