05 June 2007

Happy Day !

One more year to celebrate the environment day, and this year the topic is focused on Melting ice. While I´m not enjoying at all t his rainy days in what was supposed to be a warm season in Germany, the cold winter has arrived early to my country with this ugly humid cold.

I better get ready for next glaciar age...´cos now I do belive it´s going to happen !!!

But on this side of the world...even though there are protest against the G8 meeting and all it´s crayz ideas, they keep on consumming lots of paper, plastic and cutting more and more woods. I will start to help a bit in this project of Protected Areas and Climate Change here in Germany. But some times I´m quite confussed on how u are supposed to propose nature corridors...when everywhere u go there are cities, towns, roads and roads...and no body seems to care ´cos first comes economic development. I hope I can achieve something that would help to produce in the end a strong recomendation of this race with no end to destroy our home (planet Earth). Paradox no?, we have more water than earth... nevertheless... happy day and all the energy to those who work and fight for our nature.!