05 July 2007

Big treasures... undercover

The time when I understood who was God in my life was when I had about 17 or 18 years. The time to start really growing up, was when I left to Mexico for 5 years. The time to have a job came short after. In between, the time to travel was always there.

For many years I kept on wondering...when that magic moment was going to arrive. Around 2 months ago, after a long time, where I kept someone waiting, finally I gave up just to turn around a find this person still there...ready to jump down the hill with me. While traveling back home, I kept on asking my self....is this it? is it my time now? finally? Seems like this might be it...my time to enjoy. Enjoy this life not alone...but with somebody.

And now it's time for little Tillman to start walking, talking and...having pain with those teeth!. My last weekend in Dresden showed me a "whole new world" and has put in my head a fix idea...OCTUBER! and there I walk to. :)