09 July 2007

Tren al sur

After almost 9 hours of traveling by train just to get home and have some sleep before a crazy/busy/productive/creative week...I just have to confirm that keeping busy my mind in different activities is giving good results.

This weekend we were at Bayrische Wald..again south germany, border to Czech Republic (the Bohemish region). This is the first national park Germany had, and so it is part of the biggest portion of forest under "strict" protection. This is at least what they say. The Park itself is really beautiful, it has lots of facilities and things to do. Great was to have ppl I already knew and new friendly ppl like the MBA group. So we spend the time talking, laughing and enjoying the oppening of many traditional houses from Mongolia (that salty tee tastes weird), Venezuela (Yeay to the peace pinaple!!), Vietnam (delicious schrimp rolls), Brazil (samba is possible), Chile (Mate & Choclo), USA (under construction) and of course the music. It's always nice to dance in the forest with mosquitoes and bugs.

Eventhough I miss NK, I'm trying to do live all this moments...as if he was here..and somehow he is here :)