31 July 2007

Just kidding....???

...Only there are some things we can forget...like rich, athetic, the rest just has to stay as a demand of quality!!

Heute war nett. I went to botanical garden after mass, and stayed with Veronica, making us company. I had chance to read some articles and found new interesting info. I even found some facts on Wal Mart supporting Kyoto Protocol!!!

Days here are strange...cloudy, cold, windy and some sun shines some times. The end of the day was un-expected! Early morning found Edith Piaf CD (a cheap version) and couldn't resist it. So I ended drinking a warm herbal tee, while watching the night come over...and nice lotus smell burning. It was like a small catharsis.

Time to sleep now...tomorrow we have to fight again with arcGis and those large maps. Buenas noches dulce chikito bonito.!!