12 July 2007

Learn to live with oneself

We could live for ever, but if we don't learn to understand and tolerate ourselves...we are doomed. That was my important tip from Kino Tag the other day. After so many days, finally I made my self happy watching the 3rd part of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was not as good as I would expect it, but I just needed to see the end of the story. Of course there were times I was not alone...many things in this movie relate to my actual status of life.

On the other side of the mirror...for the 2nd time I tried to talk to one person who somehow pointed me the correct way to follow...which again lead me where I am now. But, nope...some times it's impossible to talk with those who pretend their life is a mistery. Like a paradox...they reveal their lifes in one panic attack when you mention some key words. Psssss, ppl, ppl. There are some who need to say one thing 1000 times to believe it at least once. Hope that trick can work for them.

As for me...finally I had a really interesting day, despite they want to move me to a Pension for the last 14 days here. Crazy & lazy ppl! why they didn't make the contract until September...BLE! again to pack and un pack...Bb's hope at least with u I can feel at home again, for September will be just a gipsy month again. Night!