16 July 2007


It's going to be 2 weeks since I've posted a mail (actually TWO!) to my University - Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Mexico, requesting some information on my grades and if they have any agreement with a certain university I'm interested on. So far, no answer...

Seems not too many things have changed since my last time there. Incompetence is again the main subject. I will have to ask some help from my brother. I hope I could get some positive news by the end of August. I need it, in order to proceed with future steps.

After a hot day, a bad night...now I have to end with cleaning day. This in effect is not the best day so far...in a while. I'm missing a lot NK and ironic, but since tomorrow I'll have the hardest part...with possible 0 communication. Hope some swiss air and the funny mood of Vabe will turn me appart from me and my mind.