07 August 2007

Bolivia will overcome Switzerland (??)

This was headline today August 7th on La Razon.
I almost thought it was December 28th... and now that I read the article I really think I have a big mistake...it must be December 28th.

According to one more crazy usless president...in 10 or 20 years (is he sure when he said years? didn´t he meant decades?) Bolivia will be able to earn more money, coming from all our natural resources.

As usual, he claims we are still getting rid of colonial times...but I wonder if we are not changing USA for Venezuela? WB, IADB or FMI for Banco del Sur or similar ideas Chavez has for Andean region.

I guess we will have to deal with this CLEVER liders for a couple of centuries more... :(, nop, I´m not thrilled! Happy 182 aniversary dear poor country. At least you gave me a big shot of real hard and naked life.