08 November 2007

after 29...

Memories of a 5th of november....

Zuerst! the one that I expected to call/write/show up...never did, despite I told him how important it was for me.

Any way...that's what friends are for. Zweite...I meet Javi!!! YESSSSS and feels like the old times, like those mondays when we would get together in his place, with Ernesto and the girls...Cosmo mondays!! maybe next monday we will start again Cosmo Mondays :D

Therd: Dani and Pamela were waiting me at Mongos, then Carlitos joined and finally I felt Huari's effect. The night ended around 2am.

Next day I did have a powerful Ch'aki! and besides I had this emotional chaki as well. Last Saturday my friends were at home, and Sunday family was there to give the special meaning I was looking for my 30's.

I don't feel strange or that something BIG has changed. Maybe the biggest change was when I turned 25, but other than that...years keep coming and going.

Life is turning a bit boring between studying for those tests and doing some work. I was wondering what else will happen in these few days of the year. Even more...what will happen next one?

I'm only hopping to get accepted at ASU...the rest, I guess it will have to flow as it is supposed to be. I'm still waiting for NK's reaction....