20 November 2007

Surfers and movies

Some days ago I started hosting some surfers. This is a new experience and I think for now it was ok. I'll have to stop for a while, since my brothers are coming. However, I had the chance to meet Sara, Rachel and Evan (so far). All of them from USA and young travelers. My parents had a great time with the girls and my dad was practicing his english (just 5 lines) with Evan.

It is a nice chance to share stories with other people and other cultures. I also had the chance to discover new things I'd like to show NK when he comes. With Sara & Rachel we went to the movies and saw Lakposhtha hâm parvaz mikonand. This movie from Irak totally left us mute. The content is actually really good, and deals with a story about kids in the refugee zone near the Kurds. It is almost impossible to think that children have to live under this hard conditions. Most of them act like grown ups and deal with things I can hardly imagine to deal with.

Any way, La Paz has gone rainy again....I'm missing those warm days. Political situation? I just have to say "Por que no te callas....monigote del macaco?" Those up north...happy Turkey day!

I just need to remeind you all....This 22th is Saint Cecilia's day!!!! Happy day to all Cecilias!!