08 February 2008

Flood and no water!

After so many rainy days, we have had almost 5 days without big storms. Funny that we had these days after NK was here. Wish they could have been better while we were going around Bolivia.

Now comes the time to learn how to be 10 times more patient. Despite all, I have had 15 wonderful days with NK. Maybe I haven't search a time to have a real talk, but at least I did manage to forget for a few days about questions, doubts, future and just enjoy the present.

Present...that's what I have to keep doing, just focus on what is here and now. I'm still waiting for 1 key thing in my life and after that I hope the path will be more clear.

Irony is around my house. While there is lots of rain in my country, we don't have water at home...that means to live like in the old times, and shower does get complicated. So far I'm bothering my relatives. This week is also the real begining of my project...at some point I had to started it. Now is a good time.

Until La Niña leaves us...I'll consider going to Cochabamba and live there a couple of weeks. Adeu!