13 April 2008

... time has gone by, and me?

Oh Linda La Paz...
Days run one after each other, some times I just open my eyes and it is a brand new day full of new adventures. Indeed that time flies when you are working. So far, it is my 3rd week working with tourists and guiding them around Titicaca Lake (mainly). I remember that around February I thought that one could get bored of going to this place once and again. LIE!

This lake has something totally amazing. A healing power, peaceful energy...what ever, but I'm glad I have for now the chance to go there and relax.

Live has it's rewards, and for something that I thought lost...I have recovered courage thanks to wise words and care from a new person in my life. Seems God never lets me go alone through desert times, and for that I can only be thankful.

Right now I feel tired...but my mind is awake and ready to accept new chances. After all...it is good to have 30, be pretty, sage and ALIVE!