28 April 2008

How to be single and survive a wedding

First, make sure to wear your best/killer dress. You may not forget your best smile and all your positive vibes...

Second arrive early to the party and search the best table to sit. That means try to look good chances to stablish or create conversation. A married couple with an extra friend sounds just perfect. Avoid 2 female together. Avoid to sit with just lonly men. Start asking how they meet the groom or the bride.

Go slowly exchanging your ideas and let the night flow. Dance if there is a group chance to do it. Enjoy it, even if it is that ugly music style you always swear not to ever dance again.

Take some pictures and include yourself in a couple. That way you will remain in the memory...or you will just be the "who is this?". If you see any other familiar person, greet him/her naturally. Flirting when you are all alone in one of this parties...is not my option, but to dance with single guys...can work out for some songs.

Since your natural charm has worked out, you may be able to recieve some help. Who knows...you may even have created new friendship links. Voile!

This was Ruth's wedding and I'm glad I had a chance to see her glowing and totally shiny. I wish her marriage will last until days are over. For me it was a NICE weekend, enjoying sun, warm weather...some shopping and getting to know more family! (will that ever end?)