06 August 2008


Los Gonzalez....in movement again!!

Today we "celebrate" our independence day and I have nothing to celebrate... lots of errands and things to finish before I spread again my wings and fly from the nest. With my two brothers living outside, I guess things must be a bit complicated for my parents.

In few hours I'll be an aunt for real. Twins are coming to this world somewhere in Pto. Vallarta. I'll meet them for Christmas (hopefully). The other brother will come for Christmas from Germany. My french niece still asks when I'll go play again with her. And me? where will I end up? Alaska?, New Zeland?, Lloko lloko?? Sun island? WER WEISS.

Saying good bye to my parents is no longer difficult. Somehow you just do it, take them with you in your thoughts and move. With friends... I guess I'll keep on meeting people again and again here and there, after all I know the real ones will keep in touch no matter what. With my country? that is a mixed emotion. I know, as usual, I'll miss those things you just can't find anywhere else but your land....but in the same time this complicated/ridiculous political situation, makes me want to close my eyes, rest and think that SOME DAY...bolivians will care more for each other, rather than just killing, stealing from each other.

Alas, el tiempo corre.... Lauf, lauf!!