24 August 2008

New start...as a Student and Teacher!

After 8 years of not attending in a formal way an academic class (although History of Art was amazing in 2005/2006), tomorrow will be my first day in 2 of my 4 classes. One is a seminar and the other is a new topic for me: Law. But law from a different perspective: How it is related with science and technology! My expectations of course are BIG, but also the time I'll need to re-adjust will be BIG. So far I've read the 1st paper and looks exciting.

And as much as I would love to post right here a new nice picture, I guess you'll have to wait. The car and it's new owner. ME. It is a tiny car compared to the one I drive in Bolivia, but it has 4 wheels and a working engine. So that will save and get me to school. New is also my new cellphone number (480-636 9451 in case somebody want's to say hi). After all this weekend was a very "USA style"...I was literally SHOPPING! not only car or cellphone service...but also some cloths (I have to dress serious for my students) and of course our daily food.

Olimpic games are over, and finally I'll get more time to sleep. It is needed. Teaching again won't be easy, mainly when you have to deal with around 48 students. But I can predict it will be fun, plus the coordinator and all the teachers around are soooo cool and helpfull. I been introduced to the people related to my program and it is a bunch of smart, open minded and relaxed people. All have so many ideas and I love to mingle with these multidiscipline parasites....that will really give me the chance I was looking to sneak into Communication, Education...and perhabs some History of Science.

So far...so good. I have to recognice that the strambotic relationship that lead me here, was really meant to be something else than just a bad time thinking about how dissapointing the other person was...but it lead me to a place where I will learn a lot and to a place where I have found a new friend who has oppened me her arms and her house in the most loving way. Este changuito no sabe la mama que tiene...y eso es patetico!.

Now it is time to get ready, have my notes in order and prepare my class. Uni life...here we go!