10 September 2008

how silly can USA be!?

It is my 3erd week in this silly country. And I wish I could post about the good things going on, but right now I´m totally angry. USA couldn´t be more impossible in terms of dealing with LEGAL foreigners.

I´ve been trying to get a car insurance (so I won´t have problems with Law....unlike many others...they just don´t care). But turns out that since I don´t have social security number (yet) at least I need a local driving license. So I started to go this way...

Went to take the driving license test and SURPRISE, you do have to memorize (regardless if you understand it or not) the ·"$·"·$ manual. So after my first chance, in the second one I scored a high grade. For the road test...forget it, they no longer request that you know how to paralell park, instead you must do a 3 point movement. That went fine...until I had the fat lady to sit and told me to drive. For those of you who have laughed in the movies, where the person in charge of the exam is someone grumpy, fat and with a bad mood...well that was ME!

Happens that some curbs (the border of sidewalks) end in this place smoothly, merging with the street. Not a 90¨ straight end. Well, the back tire of the car I was using for this test, had a small hope in this smoooooth curb end. There I had the fat grumpy lady saying...OH NO! u can´t drive on the curbs...take a turn back there and go back...you have to come back another day and have your test.

So I could have complained or even said a collection of improper things...but watching her whale mass moving out of the car, I couldn´t help but to feel indeed PIETY for that poor woman.

Second chance and I´ve planned to rent a car. So I went to Budget with my GOLD visa credit card. Everything is going ok, until the man tells me that they need to charge 200 in deposit. I said, ok....but he says, it has rejected, you have to deposit to your account 200. EJEM...that is a GOLD credit card, it has more than $200 to be charged as deposit or what ever. He goes, have you been using it a lot lately?....what he thinks I´m the tipicall us girl that spends her money everyday? NO, check your DAMM system (I felt like shouting). Well can´t you call your bank he goes again....EH....NO IT IS IN BOLIVIA!!! oh....well can´t any of your friends deposit 200 on this credit card or lend you his/her credit card? NOOO I´m a new comer! I have no friends HERE.

But the worst has to be when ever they go and say their favourite line: I´m SORRY....NO YOU ARE NOT!, you should be sorry to be stucked in this country where nothing is possible unless you are sort of magician who can trick the system and make them believe that you have a SSN, a local drinving license or enough credit in your gold credit card.

So instead of posting a new picture in my new environment....here I am, saying out loud FUCKING GRINGOS!!!!

(Hope the guy from Geico did a good job and got me a car insurance now)