13 September 2008

"I can´t be good ALL the time"

After some rough days and ups and downs, finally I´ve got to smi....actually I´ve got to laugh out loud by reading the creative lines of Anne Taintor. I found her book first time in Paris, when I was visiting Pompidou center. It is the best coffee table book I could ever find.

Even it was a bit expensive I bought it, and it was a good investment. Yesterday, while waiting the sand storm to go by so I could get home safe, I made a stop at Changing Hands (a great library in Tempe) and while going up and down looking for my new book Wicked, I run into a shelf with different Taintor´s products. New phrases...all funny and provoking. That was it. I couldn´t erase the smile from my face, mainly when I found a couple of them that certainly I could apply to somebody living in this same city:

My 3rd week at ASU is ending. Finally I got my Arizona driving license and the guy at Geico was nice to sell me the insurance without license or SSN. Of course I´ve learned a valuable lesson....in order to have other people attention (mainly in services) you do have to play your part and say how much you suffer. I guess this man felt pity for me and that´s why he sold me the car insurance. NETT!

Time to go to a nice BBQ and wish there won´t be another sand storm. The time to start swimming daily has arrived and pictures of this new life will be posted soon.