30 August 2009

My choice!

I chose to live my present, with eyes wide open, ears ready to hear YOUR words. I chose to learn from my MISTAKES, stand up and walk again, rain or shine!. I chose to leave aside those bitter moments that will drawn in oblivion. I chose to smile and look ahead, waiting for more good things to come. No need to keep memories that were false, no need to go back in my steps.

I chose my life, the way it is, full of surprises (good and bad), full of wonderful people, full of love and new chances. I chose not to fall for any stupid addiction (even if chocolate is thaaat good), or even pretend to be someone else to FIT (??). I chose the values taught by my parents, and not the values from the present world. I reject any joke that the powerful make daily on us.

As every day bring news, today I've seen light! A charming smile, has remind me the good things of this life and how pretty I look today. Life with my new and good roommate is great. Letters from new-old friends, refreshes my heart, and the coming back of people from the past wishing me well...it is just priceless!! A vivir se ha dicho!