16 September 2009


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Life is verflüchtig, evanescent....comes and goes in seconds. Why waste time arguing about different opinions? Why keep the anger and not forgive each other? Why even try to hurt and lie to each other? What is that people has to prove to others? That they are more intelligent? They are more annoying?

We waste our time in silly fights, creating lies, trying to impress others with a fake screen?. When we least expect it, our life is gone, and we have wasted so much time doing all useless things.

I recently visited Portland and an old friend from Mexico. She and her husband gave me a great time. This marvelous place, with all the green and life, was simply magic. All the oxygen, clouds and trees were exactly what I needed. A time to feel, to breath and recover the energy wasted in nonsense. Time to go back into my path and walk towards hope and peace.

I've had the pleasure to meet new people, new worlds. That remind me how disconnected I am from the idea of calling any place "HOME". As far as I see, Home could be anywhere, just need good friends to share my time, interesting activities and TADAAA! I'm fine. As long as I have internet to keep in touch with my parents and the privilege of daily mass...I'm happy.

Still, much has to be done here, and before I regret, I should start moving and conclude what I've started here. After all...tomorrow I might not be here.