18 August 2009

Spiderman and Mary jane

I'm using a story from Alan Pool...the interventor! A peruvian artist that made me laugh and made me think much after I heard his little story. I've modified it. The green gobling I guess is the metamorphosis that the kid went through after so much...maria juana, mari juana, mary jana, mary jane...

"El era mi Hombre Araña
y yo no era su Mary jane
Ella con su telaraña
me tapaba la boca
y no me dejaba amarlo
¿Quién fue el Duende Verde
que nos separo?
Lo fuimos los dos?"

After you trust, you believe and respect somebody...the least you would expect is to see them change radically into a new creature. Well...it happens! it may be the atmosphere, the rain, heat...etc., but some persons in this world change from white to black, from tender to monsters and from lovers to oblivion.

"Had a northern Lad
not exactly had
he moved like the sunset god who painted that
first he loved my accent
how his knees could bent
I thought we'd be okay
me and my molasses
but I feel something is wrong
but I feel this cake just isn't done
and don't say that you don't
you don't show much these days
it get's so fuckin cold
I loved his secret places
but I can't go anymore
"you change like sugar cane", sayes my northern lad
well I guess you go too far when pianos try to be guitars
I feel the west in you
but I, I feel it falling apart too
and don't say that you don't
And if you could see me now
said if you could see me now
girls you've got to know
when it's time to turn the page
when your only wet, because of the rain
because of the rain" Tori Amos