17 September 2010

Antisocial Biologists!!

I studied like 4 years core courses from Biology and then later trained as an Environmental Engineer (What ever that means). After working 5 years in a field that it was more suitable for a communicator, I was able to learn and use a new set of skills.


When I arrived to ASU, I thought it was going to be interesting to get in touch again with biologists. WRONG!! Never found so disappointing to deal with them as I do it now. When being introduced, they will hardly talk to you, after 2 times being introduce, they will never say hi to you ever again.

And even if you share a class, forget it, next semester they will act as if they have never ever seen you. I tried to go to a couple of parties, but those had to be the most boring parties I ever been (not even German student parties were that bad).

But finally, last Tuesday was the BIG star, that will remain in my head as a reminder on why science fails to society!.

I was teaching my laboratory, and when I had few students left, another TA comes into my room. Without even greeting, she starts opening drawers, doors, looking for something. Finally she comes where I was reviewing student's manuals. She address to me with no greeting still.
- "Have you seen my manual?"
And then she looks the manual I had in my hands. I had to show her that was MY MANUAL and answered: "HI, no I haven't seen any on the table or elsewhere".
- "Oh! Bo said he found it last night"

Immediately she turns around and walks away from me. One of my students was waiting for me, she was done with her work long ago. Apparently she was sending text messages to a friend who had to meet her. This lady RUDE gets closer to her, and tells my student:
- "Put that away, you can text on class, it is RUDE"
She leaves finally, again like she came...

I had to tell my student that I don't mind at all if she was sending a text while she was waiting for me. And I added: THAT'S THE MAIN REASON I DON'T LIKE BIOLOGISTS ANYMORE.

Do they have a stick stuck??? They grew in a wolf pack and never learned basic manners? Or just because they are so specific in their topic, they think rest of people is a moron?

I'll let this one go by (except that it was blog material heheh), but help me God if this antisocial interrupts my class again in her so polite manners!!! Oh I won't be so nice as to count up to 10 and forget it.