01 December 2010

One step at a time

What does it take for you to open your eyes and see, unplug your ears and hear, embrace life and live? I've reached my 33 years in life. I've reached not only years and trips, memories, knowledge, friends and anecdotes to tell. I've reached finally the tip of the rest of my life.

I couldn't care less a while ago, where my life was going. I will simply flow with the wind and enjoy. Recently a mix of events started to move me into formulate the question: what I'm supposed to do here. Certain people knows by heart which is their vocation. Others live in denial and embrace frustration living a dream it was not meant to be for them.

I've started to ask the question again, and some things are clear. But more than a clear answer I'm learning how to build the value of patience. This seems to be the perfect time to realize how blessed and honored I am to be my parents' daughter, my brothers' sister and my friends' friend. I'm grateful of having my arms and legs, my brain and heart working and healthy. I'm grateful that my biggest problem to worry is how am I going to deal with tuition expenses.

Because I could be in a worst situation. I could not have family, friends, health and love. But without these, would I still be happy?. Loneliness seems to be the sickness of my times. Right when everybody is busy in their personal life, pushing away others, I keep discovering that the more I give, the more I open my arms, the more I receive, the more hugs I feel.

I might not have still clear what will happen once I'm done with these phase in my life. There are at least 5 different options that I can take. But one remains a constant in my life.... my choice to live my faith. I'm not a child anymore, though I still can feel my spirit is young, but I'm an improved version of an adult woman, more aware of my mistakes and defects, trying each day to work on them. I'm glad of what I have and even more glad of what I don't have. I am a person, that you can't define through a single and individualist idea... I am, because there are others who make my life complete. Salud!