02 February 2011


The day that we first said goodbye it was a cold one. The temperature had dropped below 0 Celsius. Despite the cold wind blowing and the frozen water outside, inside me there was a warm and unfamiliar feeling. 10 days ago, the only thing I could foreseen was myself being sitting in front of my computer cracking my head with ArcGis and spreadsheets.

The Monday we met in the snake alley, was like any other. Except that this one had a small surprise. Who would have thought that the last thing on his mind was to check some snakes. 2 days later, in between cardamon and cinnamon smell, I was falling for his talent as a cook.

Ever since, the world is turning around in the opposite way, the axis of earth has changed 45 degrees. Days have no limit, words are not enough and a simple and meaningful smile can express the secret of this creation.

8 days ago I decided to take a new spin in my life, maybe seems the worst time ever, but under the slogan of carpe diem, I've jumped into an unexpected opportunity that has brought me more laughter and smiles than the last 5 years experiences. Then again, nobody ever expects these moments to happen in our life.